The most sustainable and resource optimised denim mill in Sub-Saharan Africa, we are a 100% vertically integrated denim manufacturer.

Doing Things Right.

From Italy (1970s) to Mauritius (2004), weaving heritage, expertise, sustainability, social responsibility and innovation at affordable prices.

Why Mauritius?

  • Duty Free Agreements with Europe, UK, USA, Turkey, China, South Africa and most of the African countries.
  • Stable economy
  • Top-20 most democratic countries in the world
    (Source : Democracy Index, 2020)
  • Safe, clean & beautiful


million pieces of garment per year


million meters of denim per year


corners of the world


1. Europe
2. UK
3. USA
4. Canada
5. South Africa

100% Supply Chain Transparency

2000 employees from 10 different countries

Fabric Division

1. Spinning
2. Dyeing
3. Weaving
4. Finishing

Garment Division

1. Cutting
2. Printing
3. Sewing
4. Embroidery
5. Washing
6. Finishing
7. Packing

Since 2018 DDI has invested in ways to reduce production offcuts through a state of the art recycling plant.

We were able to recycle 100% of our cotton offcuts, reducing:

  • resource consumption necessary to grow new cotton
  • CO2 emissions generated by lint cotton production and transport
  • landfill waste impact


of our cotton offcuts are currently being recycled.


tons of in-house recycling capacity per month

The most sustainable and resource optimised denim mill in Sub-Saharan Africa, enabling us and our customers to develop an entire GRS or RCS certified collection.

Denim De l'Ile Ltd State-of-the-art Recycling Facility


of our production used certified sustainable cotton in 2020.

Member of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Partner of Cotton Made in Africa (CMiA) initiative which guarantees that social, environmental and economical criteria are met.

Use of sustainable cellulosic fibers uniquely from Lenzing and Re:newcell.

Target: 100% sustainable cotton by 2022.

Denim De l'Ile Ltd Sustainable Cotton Supply


Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)

We use 100% Pre-Reduced Indigo to minimise the use of water and chemicals needed for its reduction.

Five years ago the first Potassium Permanganate Free collection was made.

All chemicals used in our production meet the very strict Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemical (ZDHC) guidelines, to ensure not only local law compliance of discharged water, but also international regulations.

Denim De l'Ile Ltd Water & Chemical Optimisation Technology

Less is More.

Our sustainable washing technology focuses on “less is more”, where water conservation, chemical optimization and energy reduction are key factors.

Denim De l'Ile Ltd Finishing & Washing Technology

Water <less.

We offer you a full range of waterless products, making it possible to integrate these progressive technologies into your collections:

  • Cotton Made in Africa Rain Fed Cotton
  • GRS & RCS Certified Recycled Cotton
  • Jeanologia EIM & Tonello Metro Certified Sustainable Washes

A for Ethics

Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Rating

DDI scored top-tier A rating during audits in line with the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. The principles promoted by the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative are:

  • The rights of Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
  • No Discrimination
  • Fair Remuneration
  • Decent Working Hours
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • No Child Labour
  • Special Protection for Young Workers
  • No Precarious Employment
  • No Bonded Labour
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Ethical Business Behaviour
Denim De l'Ile Ltd Social Responsibility Standard


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